Monday, June 6, 2016

Progress Update - Early June

The biggest update yet is now live! Users can now upload their game files directly to the site, no need to upload to Google Drive or Dropbox any longer.

To add downloads to your game you can visit your Profile Page then click on Edit Downloads. Here you will be able to upload your game files for each of your supported platforms. Currently, you're only allowed to upload ZIP files up to 20MB.

If you've already got a link to your game on another site, worry not, those old links will still be there. You've also still got the option to use a link to direct roasters to another site to play your game.

PS: Sorry for the late progress update, adding user downloads took a long time to complete.

Updates coming soon:

  • Site redesign - looking to clean up and making the layout more attractive
  • Top charts - clean up and more powerful aggregation
  • Forums - adding additional functionality to group, tag, sort forums
  • Download tracking per day
  • View tracking per day

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