Monday, January 4, 2016

Progress Update - Early January

There's still lots of work to be done on Roast My Game. So far, users seem excited with the idea of the website.

Here are the next items I'd like to work roughly in order of importance.

  • Require users to post feedback on 2 other games before adding their own game (thanks to /u/Va11ar for the idea). Update: this feature is completed. Users are now required to make atleast one comment on a game before adding their own game.
  • Be able to browse all games on one page (thanks to /u/ahmadmanga for the idea). Update: this feature is completed and can be viewed on All Games Page
  • Be able to upload game files directly to the site
  • Be able to play Unity and HTML5 game on Roast My Game
  • Public profile pages where other users can see your games, comments, likes.
  • Be able to edit games and versions
  • Nginx caching for unauthenticated users

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