Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Progress Update - Mid January

In the past week, the site has completely blown up! After a successful post on Reddit's /r/gamedev, traffic has soared.

One of my initial concerns was that users would not like the requirement of adding comments to other games before posting their own. This turned out not to be a problem. Currently there are 100 comments, making a average of ~2 comments per game. Some users event have up to 10 comments!

- Added leaderboards (can be found here) to recognize well performing games and users. (Though there appears to be a bug with it right now).
- Increased the number of description lines on the home page to 2. This was a highly requested feature by users on the Reddit thread.
- Many visual changes, especially related to Safari, Firefox, and mobile browsers.

Upcoming Features:
- Public profiles should be finished by tomorrow. Users will be able to click on another user's profile to view their games, comments, and likes. Update: this is finished. You can now view any other user's public profile by clicking on their username anywhere on the site.
- User preferences, including ability to change passwords.

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